COFRD Annex Services

Job search center

Center d'Emploi Francophone de Durham (CEFD). A francophone crossroads to employment that promotes the professional integration of francophones in Durham region.

Establishment service

Le services d’établissement regroupe diverses services : TEE helps newcomer students integrate into Ontario's French-language schools. PAÉFLNA helps newcomers integrate into Canadian society and strengthen their knowledge of Canadian social life. Community Settlement helps newcomers settle and integrate into the region's Francophone community by providing orientation services.

Legal Support Service

Understand the essentials of civil justice services for individuals in dispute. We cover areas such as family, housing, labor, consumer affairs and contracts. Obtain sanctions such as reimbursement, performance of obligations and damages. Explore alternative methods such as arbitration and mediation. The law ensures a fair trial, with impartial jurisdiction. You don't always have to seek legal representation, as we offer free resources. Visit our page to find out more about our civil justice service.

Internal services available at COFRD

A bookstore

A Bookstore where you can buy books, CDs, DVDs, French dictionaries and more. Please note that we're now the only place in the region with a variety of French-language treasures to suit all tastes and age groups.

A greeting card service

A wide choice of greeting cards for every occasion

Photocopying service

A service photocopies and faxes at low cost

Computer repair service

A service computer repair in French at lower cost

A cheese outlet

A point of sale for st-albert cheese. delivery to the COFRD, once per
two months, depending on your orders