Serving Durham's francophone communities, COFRD contributes to their growth and vitality. In Durham Region, COFRD brings together and celebrates francophone communities and organizations.


Active, visible, creative and engaging, COFRD is at the heart of Durham Region's francophone communities, offering a wide range of activities, programs and services that meet the needs of our clientele, as well as sustained community leadership.

COFRD Artistic Vision

COFRD is the cultural heart of francophonie in Durham Region. A proudly Franco-Ontarian presenter that brings audiences together for warm, diverse artistic and cultural events that reflect the community.


COFRD Foundation
The Conseil des organismes francophones de la Région de Durham (COFRD) was founded in 1981. Since its inception, COFRD has worked to promote the development, growth and vitality of the French-speaking community by offering programming and services that meet its needs.
October 29, 1984
Incorporation of COFRD

COFRD is officially incorporated. This is an important milestone that marks its commitment to serving the Francophone and Francophile community.

COFRD begins operating from an office at L'Amicale.
COFRD begins operating from an office in L'Amicale. This is a period of growth and development for COFRD, as it begins to offer programming and services that meet the needs of the community.
October 2003
COFRD sets up Employment center
COFRD's Centre d'emploi francophone de la Région de Durham. These services provide valuable employment support to the francophone community in the region.
Formation of Le Trait d'Union theater troupe
Formation of Le Trait d'Union theater company. A group of passionate artists come together to create a company dedicated to exploring creativity and interpreting texts.
COFRD moves into its own premises
COFRD moves to its own premises at 57 Simcoe Street South in Oshawa. This new location offers more space and resources to serve the francophone community.
April 2011
Creation of Settlement Services
COFRD Settlement Services. These services offer invaluable support to the Francophone community in settling in the region.
First art camp for young people
The first art camp for young people is launched during spring break.